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Mar 30, 2020

Ted asks Rod about whether the Lutheran position on baptismal regeneration conflicts with sola fide, or faith alone. Rod talks about where the Christian faith comes from and how that relates to baptism, as well as how our faith is maintained through our lives.


Mar 23, 2020

Ted talks with Rod about whether or not the authors of Scripture were divinely inspired. Rod talks about logical fallacies and the veracity of the charges made against the historical accounts in the Bible by those who have tried to debunk them.



Mar 16, 2020

Ted asks Rod about Christian apologetics, what it is and about its absence in the modern church. Rod speaks about the value of apologetics, the solutions it offers, and how it aligns with Scripture. And he clarifies that the apologetic task is rooted in the historical evidence that supports the claims in the...

Mar 9, 2020

Ted asks Rod why having the freedom of Christ causes fear for believers. Dad Rod explains that we sinners like ‘to do’ lists, and Christ did away with the need for works in regard to salvation. Yet, even though sinners are free in their faith, they are tempted to impress God with their works.


Show Notes: